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Reginal Wood Fencing


Pre-Stained Western Red Cedar

Protect your Assets

  • Extend lifetime
  • Lower maintenance
  • Color match your environment
  • Reduced shrinkage

Best Choice for premium residential fencing

  • Natural Beauty
  • Strength
  • Longevity
  • Stainability
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For centuries Western Red Cedar has been known for its beauty and durability, making it the preferred wood species for outdoor projects. Western Red Cedar fences are extremely sturdy and can last for 20 years or longer depending on your environmental conditions.

The many grades produced allows you to pick the quality option that meets a price point for your fence project.

Western Red Cedar is the preferred fence product of choice throughout the United States. This cedar is locally grown in Pacific and Inland Northwest forests managed for sustainability. The heaviest use for fencing is the Northwest to Texas up through the Midwest extending to the Atlantic Ocean down to Atlanta, Georgia.

Manufacturers have a zero wood waste policy and produce by-products such as wood chips, sawdust, mulch and bio-fuel.


Western Red Cedar can be factory stained prior to installation, thus reducing the mess and hassle of staining your fence after it is installed.

Stains are available in many colors with the primary being dark brown, medium brown, dark redwood, and medium redwood.

Stains are either water based or oil based. Typically, a quality oil based stain will provide a longer period between re-staining your fence. This means less maintenance over the lifetime of the fence.